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*Preparation Time: 25 minutes
*Cooking Time: 30 minutes
*Servings: 6-8


8 pieces tilapia, scaled and cleaned
Seasoning / MSG
Cooking oil for frying
2 pieces onion, chopped
4 pieces tomatoes, chopped
Salt and pepper
¼ cup melted butter


*Rub tilapia with seasoning/msg. Set aside to marinate for 125 minutes.

*Heat cooking oil for frying. Fry tilapia until golden brown. Set aside.

*Cut 8 pieces of aluminum file big enough to wrap fried tilapia.

*To assemble, top tilapia with chopped onion and tomatoes. Sprinkle with dashes of salt and pepper. 

*Drizzle with a tsp of melted butter and then seal foil on all sides.

*Grill prepared tilapia for 5 minutes or until foil wrapper pops. Remove from heat and serve immediately.

Nutritional Content: Calories: 301  Carbohydrates (g): 2 Protein (g): 19  Fats (g): 25

Good to Know: 
Calories refers to the amount of energy in food and the amount of energy the body uses.

Good to Remember:
Most seafood are not only good sources of protein but are also low in fat.


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